Palantir Technologies : Palantir pre-ipo shares were sold between 7.50 and 11 $ in private market between July and Sep 2020 timeframe. The IPO was launched on September 30th 2020. The private market was expecting to Palantir to open around 14 to 15$. Unfortunately, I think the stock price was undervalued. Investor who bought the pre-ipo share at 7.50 $ including me made a decent gain during the opening day on NYSE at around 11.50 $ per share. But it was disappointing for investors who purchased the share at 11 $ in private market. The stock is currently trading between 9 and 11 $. But considering the revenue growth forecast for 2020, Palantir has a very promising future.

Some other upcoming expected IPOs in 2021 to watch.

Impossible Foods: Priced around 25 $ in private market as of 2020. Impossible Foods IPO I think is most promising considering Beyond meat is already trading around 150 $ in stock market.

SpaceX (around 300 $) Robinhood (around 22 $) & SoFi are 3 other sought after Pre-IPOs in 2020.

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