I have been part of a variety of product launches and startups including failed & moderately successful products & startups since my 10 yrs of entrepreneurship carrier. My first startup was a dud, my second one was moderately successful but both my previous 2 business initiatives were successful. I feel this proposition gives me an edge and the combination of success & failure is a blessing in disguise. But overall, working on different projects and in some cases setting up teams was a fabulous experience.

My most recent startup “World Business Studios Inc” is a successful endeavor. This was also my first non technology related initiative. I started acquiring undervalued properties in united states and India, refurbished the properties and created low cost work space solution for startups, individual business owners and small businesses. The goal was not just to offer office space but to help all types of businesses to setup their operations (cloud kitchen is one such setup).

The Problem:

The number one problem with real estate investment is the capital. Acquiring real estate requires large sums of money starting anywhere from few hundred thousand to millions of dollars. The only way out is to leverage the bank loan. However, the interest rates would not only eat up the profits but borrowing can be risky when you cannot sustain 100% property occupancy rate! I started Parabolus to solve these two problems. Parabolus is the worlds first group funding platform where investors group together, bypass the bank and collectively acquire a portion of property without involving the bank and thus eliminating the interest rates. Anyone with few thousands of dollars can take ownership. Furthermore, investors can distribute their investments in multiple properties reducing the risk of investment in a single property asset. The group fund is similar to crowdfund but not the same. There are existing crowdfunding platforms in the market. But Parabolus is the first company to coin the business model and word “Group fund”. The recurring rental income is then shared between the investors in concordance to the investment. (For obvious reasons, I will have to keep details private until platform release). This can be achieved by leveraging blockchain technology through a process called Tokenization. Tokens represent the ownership in the property. We want to simplify real estate investing and make it possible for everyone to invest, not just the elite.

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